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It's a Boi! (which almost reads as 'boil', wouldn't that be funny)

Make that fifteen, Aunty Zig is "in the house" wherever and whatever that entails, and for Winter fashions 2004 MS Paint is in*. I henceforth pledge my allegiance to thebottom25gays despite being not gay, merely eccentric, I also will strive to lower the standard and in so doing further our nasty evil scum bitchyjust cause.

*MS Paint is in cause i say it is in damn it! and no, i don't have Photoshop...
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On that subject of Photoshop, I finally possess it! After 20 or so hours of constant downloading, I finally have it... Cheers to patience, determination, perserverance and an unbreakable keyboard (on which I vent my rage).