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The Bottom 25 Gays

A Satire of the 25 Hottest Gays on LJ

The Bottom 25 Gays of LJ
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Satire: Irony, sarcasm or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice or stupidity.

Yes that's right, we've finally created "thebottom25gays". It's essentially designed to take the piss out of those lovely guys over there at thetop25gays.

Basically, it's a rating community, we judge you based upon your looks. Only this one is a little different, we don't actually care what you look like. Contrary to what the name suggests, you don't have to be gay to join, we just called it that to make it obvious who we are criticising. So don't worry about looks or sexuality, because if you're funny, we want you. So join, now.

What we're looking for is plenty of obviously edited photos, stupid and exaggerated poses and facial expressions, and just generally a lot of wank, because we wouldn't want to stray too far from the example thetop25gays has set us now would we? If you are retarded and can't take photos of yourself or post them on the internet then we will do it for you. If we don't actually know you then yay, we don't care if you don't post real photos, it will mean we have actual support out there.

Should the shit hit the proverbial fan, that's all well and good. Every community needs a bit of controversy. But no serious "emo" people please, we have no time for you. Remember we are cynical, and ridicule such behaviour.

So in closing, go forth, be funny and we'll all laugh... some may even cry, but thats even better!

Bye for now.

<3333333!!!!1one!11! <----- example 1 of sarcasm