-Hawtboys- (hawtboys) wrote in thebottom25gays,

All I Can..............Do Is...........Laugh

Hey GUyyyyyyyyyz I was in da showwwworrrre and i was like OMG Imma gana take pictures and i was like WOOOOOOOOOOW.

So like here like are my like pictures. Be nice pleaseeeee SMILE4ME!!!!1!

Oh YOU caught me arent I sexy oh I was like suprised

Look at my sexyyyyyyyyy legsssss

I brought out the boa

Starting to eat my boa - mistaken for a penis

Started singing to Britney - isn't she like woah!

Im like so like woah totally like NAUGHTY

I decided to put on my HAWT PJs aren't they hawt like hawt

I'm so not a tease **BLUSHES** oh like so not looking up my dress *blush*

Ditched the pjs,..went all emo - it's in right? Tell me it's in!

Look at me.....I'm dead sexxxxxxy LIKE AJ!

Meh jawline........aren't I sex on a stick

This is how i pull da bois

Kiss!!!! HEART <3

And to sum up, aren't I JUST seX!?
Haert ♥
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i h34rt y0u
y0u s3xy b34st y0u <333
In summary, yes, yes you are =/
I dont appreciate your sarcasm Jake we are very serious in this community
Yes Jake, sarcasm. The thing that the principle of this whole community is based on, and also what goes hand in hand with your other quality. PRETENTIOUSNESS


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago



13 years ago

I never thought you had so much hair on your legs/chest/UNDERARM!... it's highly arousing.... Not to mention that IMMENSE (*refrains from saying penis*) collection of souvenir spoons mounted on your wall. You must be like whoa-rich.

In conclusion -- Have you ever thought of donating sperm?
what are you doing in thebottom25gays
making fun of you :)
yes, yes i know that.

but in order to make fun of me... you would need a pair of aviator sunglasses, which im wearing in almost ALL of my pictures.

and i dont see those anywhere.

i dont even remember the last time i took a picture with prescribled lenses on my face
Your photo looks like you just swallowed a bad dose of sour cum.
why thank you sweetie.

Well by "you" I was actually refering to "thetop25gays" as well as yourself, AJ.

Will this do AJ honey?

haert <3333
much better.

youve made me proud