-Hawtboys- (hawtboys) wrote in thebottom25gays,

All I Can..............Do Is...........Laugh

Hey GUyyyyyyyyyz I was in da showwwworrrre and i was like OMG Imma gana take pictures and i was like WOOOOOOOOOOW.

So like here like are my like pictures. Be nice pleaseeeee SMILE4ME!!!!1!

Oh YOU caught me arent I sexy oh I was like suprised

Look at my sexyyyyyyyyy legsssss

I brought out the boa

Starting to eat my boa - mistaken for a penis

Started singing to Britney - isn't she like woah!

Im like so like woah totally like NAUGHTY

I decided to put on my HAWT PJs aren't they hawt like hawt

I'm so not a tease **BLUSHES** oh like so not looking up my dress *blush*

Ditched the pjs,..went all emo - it's in right? Tell me it's in!

Look at me.....I'm dead sexxxxxxy LIKE AJ!

Meh jawline........aren't I sex on a stick

This is how i pull da bois

Kiss!!!! HEART <3

And to sum up, aren't I JUST seX!?
Haert ♥
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